Hotel in Windermere Lake District

Environmental Policy

At St John’s Lodge we are committed to caring for the environment. We live in a beautiful area and we want it to stay that way!

 Energy and water-saving 

  • Solar panels are used in our heating system
  • All our radiators are thermostatically controlled
  • Windows are either double glazed or traditional sash and draft proofed to reduce heat loss
  • New kitchen and laundry appliances are selected with energy efficiency in mind
  • Most of our toilets are dual flush
  • Energy saving light bulbs, spotlights and corridor lights have been installed in most fittings.
  • We check for dripping taps and replace washers as necessary
  • We aim to use water in a responsible manner

Waste and Pollution 

  • We try to reduce waste where possible
  • We recycle glass, paper, plastics, cardboard, wood and metals
  • We use phosphate-free laundry liquid to reduce the release of harmful chemicals into the environment
  • We have maps and bus timetables for visitors, to encourage walking and the use of public transport.


  • We take a responsible approach to sourcing food by using local, seasonal, organic and Fairtrade supplies where practical.
  • We use local farms and businesses with high ethical practices for our free range eggs, bacon, sausages, milk and flour
  • We do not use individually wrapped portions in the dining room, e.g. cereals, jams, butters etc.
  • Our bulk purchase of materials and products reduces deliveries and packaging

We follow The Countryside Code – to help to look after our beautiful countryside and wildlife!

Please do let us know if you have any suggestions for how we might improve our environmental performance at St John’s Lodge.

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